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Monday, May 2, 2011

bin Laden is Gone...Too Bad...So Sad...Not.

Ok since the topic of the moment in the death of Osama bin Laden, figured I better say something. Good, he's gone. The problems he caused and perpetuated are not.

Celebrate briefly, world, but do not relax your vigilance. They are plenty of nutcases out there still that need to be dealt with. This is particularly true about the ones waiting to hop in bin Laden's empty spot.

Enjoy it for now but never think that all the terrorist problems are gone because one moron is dead. There were more before him and there will be plenty after him. The biggest tragedy is that the stand up comedians and comedy writers will now have to search elsewhere for some of the funniest shit out there.

I refer particularly to the South Park episode where the boys go over to Afghanistan and are captured by bin Laden. In the classic Bugs Bunny tradition, Cartman causes bin Laden no end of trouble. Possibly one of the best ideas to ever hit a story board. Thanks Guys!

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