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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Social Networking...Thoughts and Observations...

The Internet has brought together literally thousands of people for absolutely no good reason. I speak particularly of websites like Face Book, Twitter, Tagged and MySpace, just to name a few. Now don't get me wrong, many people have found these pages to their advantage, sharing pictures and blurbs with family and friends that they actually know.

I look over Face Book, yes, I'm guilty of having a page there and see people with hundreds of friends on their lists. To what purpose I ask myself, are they adding everyone under the sun that asks? I can see if there is a common interest buried in the reasoning but there should be a limit to what some people should add.

Is this some cry for help, a deep seated need to be popular due to some missed experience in high school? Turned down for the cheer leading squad, didn't get to play pro ball after high school or simply a "Look at me, look at me" type of thing going on. I am truly unsure as to why people feel the need to add anyone and I do mean ANYONE, to their personal pages.

Twitter is another of my favorites in that you can follow just about anyone you like without them ever knowing you exist. They will send out a brief message letting the world know they ran out of toilet paper and have to run to the store. If they happen to be famous...45 people will reply back that they have a spare roll for them and 100+ will re tweet it in case the rest of the world may have missed the post.

Since the advent of Face Book, you hear very little of MySpace and its millions of users. They have fallen prey to the dreaded "competition of websites" on the Internet. They of course, don't have Farmville, which obviously spelled death for the pioneer in social networking sites.

These websites seem to have found their niche in our society, bringing millions of people together that may have otherwise never met. But have they actually met yet? If the additions are simply names and pictures on a website, how much do you actually know about those that you add?

That picture of the hot girl in the low cut top could just as well be a 55 year old man who thinks it is funny as hell you are coming on to a pic he ripped off the net from his favorite porn site. The 15 year old boy on your daughters page could be a 35 year old registered sex offender. The anonymity of the Internet allows many people to toy with others for whatever reasons they may come up with.

A friendly reminder from your ever watchful neighborhood Lemur. Add those you know or at least, know of. You never know what you may be getting yourself into. Until next time...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemurism Of The Day #6

There is no right move or wrong one...only the one you make in the moment...MDFR

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why is it.....?

Why is it that when there is nothing on TV at 3 am and your surfing through the channels, you run across a show who name rings a bell but you never actually watched much. Now, the majority of these shows are the short lived ones that had a one season run, or even less and went by the wayside. The networks have dumped these into syndication to fill those dead time slots where it's either their show or an infomercial about how to get a flatter stomach or a way to chop bricks and vegetables with the same knife, to choose from.

Here's the rub however. You make the fatal decision to click on that channel and that particular program rather than the ad for the High Powered Emulsification System, which turns out to be a fancy name for an expensive blender anyway. From all the reruns available, the name of the show only sparks the tiniest of remembrances as to something you saw one or two episodes of, years ago and vaguely recount that it was passable fare.

The remote has been clicked and you have settled into your favorite chair and begin your viewing experience. Here is where your brain begins to process the oddly familiar sensation that you have seen this show before. You discount this at first but after a few minutes, realization sinks in that a show you watched twice, 13 years ago, is in syndication on your TV and this is one of the two episodes that you actually saw, back in the day.

This is a "Murphy's Law" scenario and possibly a government conspiracy but you may need to check with your neighbor on that one. You know the one with the tin foil hat and no land line phone because he KNOWS that it would only be tapped if he did. If this a plot by anyone, albeit a poorly conceived one, to make us buy exercise programs or the next big thing in kitchen ware, they are sadly mistaken.

Infomercials for the most part, sell something only a few people would be interested in as opposed to the majority of television watchers. To this minority, who enjoy listening to the guy with accents sell glue I say, "Watch a rerun or two and save your money for more important things...like a doctor's visit for some sleeping pills." You need your rest anyway.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Take On The Land Of The Free

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the United States is slowly but surely losing its place in the world as the "Land of the Free." As each day passes, more and more babysitter laws get put into place that restrict our freedoms further and further. I am not saying that the country should be let to run rampant and the population do whatever it wants to but come on, there are some things that should be left alone.

Smoking is a big part of my life and has been for many years. I do mean cigarettes and true tobacco products, not the "other" kind.I understand the need to have laws in place to protect the general public in restricting smoking in certain areas. However, if I want to smoke in my home or car, no one and I do mean NO ONE is going to tell me I can't.

Recently, Congress stuck it's proverbial "beak" into Major League Baseball in "suggesting" that they restrict the use of smokeless tobacco as it may influence children to use it. Are you kidding me??? There is no restrictions on high energy drinks which will likely kill a child a whole lot quicker than any pinch of dip will.

There are no restrictions in which video games parents or children are allowed to buy and play but Bugs Fucking Bunny was too violent to leave on TV the way it was. They rate the video games to help guide parents but nothin' for nothin', there are so many coming out that the average individual would need a full time secretary just to keep up with them.

Our country has so many people who think they are doing "good" for the general public when in actuality, they are slowly killing the ideals this country was formed upon. But that's ok, they can continue they way they are going. When the majority of the population wakes up and realizes they can't take a shit in their own home because it is "environmentally unfriendly" because they eat products with artificial ingredients then maybe, just maybe, America can go back to being the "Land of the Free" that it was intended to be.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lemurism Of The Day #5

If people had as much faith in themselves as they do in God...We would have a world full of unstoppable individuals.