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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Epitome of Stupidity...

I saw one of the stupidest stunts I have ever witnessed in all my years of driving, today on my way home from work. A guy on a rice rocket zips around me to be first in line at the light. He pulls up tight to the dual wheel 1-ton Ford pick up there and shakes hands with the driver through his window. They are chatting while the light is red and appear to know each other. The light changes and the two morons start dragging up a road with a 35 mph speed limit. If I figure it right, they got up to around 50 and then started weaving in and out of the cars they caught up to. The truck fish tailed twice in traffic then finally slowed and turned off.

I rode a bike for years and plan on riding again in the future and this dullard with his toy p.o.s. instantly put back rider's reputations 20 years with his idiotic maneuvers. Some people shouldn't be on the road and I blame their parents. If they had cable and less time to make babies, he wouldn't be on the road acting like an ass and endangering other people's lives. This goes double for the asshole in the Ford, with 10 times the mass of the bike traveling the same speed, weaving in and out of traffic and barely in control.

I have an extremely low tolerance for idiots on the road. I spent years driving around this country in everything from an 18 wheeler to a pick up and trailer rig to a service van. I have seen the dummies and they abound everywhere.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's been awhile...

It has been some time since I've had the opportunity and inclination to sit down and type out a post on here. Well, it hasn't been all that long since I sat down but the typing thing is spot on. When I began this blog, I was working as an online article writer and had the extra time to devote to writing some of my own things along with working. Since then, my life has taken a left turn and put me back into the real world and into a real job so my writing time has been cut down due to plain old lack of motivation.

While this post is mainly to say I will be back on and writing at least once a week (on Saturdays) to help maintain my sanity, I know I have a few people that actually check this to see if I have posted anything new. This next line is for them...


Until next week and something with a little more substance, this is The Wise Lemur, saying, " Try and sleep with your eyes open...you're missing some pretty interesting stuff."