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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be Yourself

Been thinking on this for awhile and decided to put it in writing to be saved for posterity’s sake. My office is pretty much my living room and my office chair is my recliner. The 42” flat screen is on constantly for background noise while I work so I get to see quite a bit of TV during the day which translates in too hundreds of commercials a day.

I’m seeing more and more commercials that are enabling women in particular, multiple ways to alter their appearance without surgery. They have bras that give them a whole new chest and drawers that push their ass up and out so it looks like you could rest a beer on it. There’s make up that is intended to make them look more “natural”, even though removing it would take a paint scraper most days and snap on teeth to cover that gap for a “perfect smile.”

Fellas, when you go to the club or the bar and you see the hotties that abound like so many nerds at a Star Trek convention….Beware! They have so many products out there that likely what you’re looking at is using one or more of these accessories to ensure that they snare whatever they are looking for. The best accessory for guys ever invented was the rolled up sock for God’s sake…they give us very little in the competition end of things.

Gentleman, this little bit is meant as a friendly word of warning. There are women out there deceiving all of us with padding and restrictive garments. Because at the end of the day, when all the fancy clothes and removable accessories come off and the real person is there for all to see, you may just end up with this: