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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Collaboration...of sorts

A friend of mine on another forum posted a set of song lyrics that he had written. As I read them I was moved but in a slightly different direction than he. With the kind permission of Robert Price II, I will post his original, unaltered version and then my take on the beautiful lyrics he has so kindly allowed me to have my way with:

The Original:

Go on and breath the fiction, living life to live a lie
So do you feel the friction as our energies collide
In the beauty of it all, where we lay therefore we stay
Lost inside of this fictitious lie that's consuming all of me

It's all been done before
Refuse to feel it anymore
Show me a path to take today
And I will open up the door

The gods answer all my questions
Before the questions become known
Now inside i see direction
The path is lit so I will go

It's all yours now there's no mistaking
None will be left for the taking
As I fade away with you
We will find a path, a new

It's all been done before
Refuse to feel this anymore
Show me a path to take today
And I will open up the door

This holy faith that you hold dear
Will only make you bend and kneel
As you search and seek for the truth
Look deep inside it's within you

My Take:

People live and breathe the fiction, every waking moment a lie
We revel in the friction, when our energies collide
There is a beauty in it all, a cosmic fireworks display
And when we come together, that is where we lay

It has all been done before, in one way, shape or form
The refusal to truly feel it, seems to be the norm
Show me a different path, that I may take today
This brand new possibility, may be my only way

My questions may be answered, before ever being asked
By gods on high or mortals, whichever may be tasked
Now inside I see directions, too many to comprehend
There is however a single light, glowing at one end

It is all you now, there will be no mistaking
Nothing worth anything, will be left for the taking
As I fade away, with you right by my side
A new path we can discover, a magic carpet ride

We seek the truth together, explorers in the light
A greater understanding needed, we feel it is our right
The world will look outside itself, to solve its mysteries
Our answer has been here all along, right in you and me.

I look forward to working closer with Robert on some other projects and as they are finished, provided they aren't sold for millions of dollars, they will be found here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UB/AP Update


Here's a follow up on my earlier post from a forum site that I'm quite fond of.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Horror/Sci-Fi Movie Formulas and Fables

As an avid horror and sci-fi movie buff, I see quite a few movies over the course of a week. Some are new and some are old favorites but they all have a few things in common that make them blend together into one huge lump. The writers of these scripts have seen the exact same movies as I have and simply cannot seem to expand their thought processes past the "formulas" that worked in the past. Here are a few thoughts on this from my end.

1: "The Black Guy Always Dies First": This little tidbit has been used so much that some movies even poke fun at this plot line before they actually kill them off. They need to start killing off one of the cute chicks first just to throw in a curve ball once in awhile. The whiny one one is always a good start in my book.

2: "The First To Die": Always seems to be one of the girls. Quit killing off the one with the biggest boobs, go for the one with the glasses, 3 layers of clothing and the backpack full of books that really didn't want to be there in the first place. Kill the boobs, kill the movie as the majority of male viewers will not bother to stick around after she's dead to see if she ends up in a bikini or shower scene before being brutally butchered.

3: "Spare The Child": There is always a little kid in these things that manages to escape a bloody end where all those around them are dying like flies at a frog festival. "Feast" took this to a new level when the boy gets eaten right at the outset of the movie. Kudos to the writer on that one as they just tend to whine, cry and scream a lot while the killer is busy dismembering Mom anyway.

4: "The Unlikely Hero/Heroine": For once, I would like to see the guy or girl with the balls at the outset actually make it through the movie as the winner. Quit picking the mousy one or the geek to save the day. The odds of this actually happening in a real situation are as unlikely as a high school chess club winning the Superbowl.

5: "Dress For Success": The wardrobe people work very hard on a film set to aid the actor in fitting their part. Why is it though that lately, every movie I see involving a female scientist has them in a tank top. No offense to the scientific community but let's be a little more realistic in this vein. Most female scientists do NOT have the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and the addition of a bit more realism may keep some of the chuckles down when she actually says something intelligent during the movie.

6: "Armed And Dangerous": People are dying all around and the hero or heroine finally gets the upper hand on the killer by whacking them in the head with the only shovel for a hundred miles. Now, the killer has been stabbed, shot, hit by a car and fell out of a two-story window by this point and just keeps coming. So why, oh why, do they think that one whack on the head is going to keep him down forever and throw the friggin' shovel away??? The same goes for finding the only gun in the place, firing one shot into the would be monster and setting the gun down to check on a fallen comrade and leaving it there. One phrase people..."Coup de Grace", lop his friggin' head off with the business end of that shovel for God's sake.

7: "Knowledge Is Power": Common sense rarely prevails in horror and sci-fi movie scripts. This is okay though, it does make them more entertaining but some of the plot twists are simply too stupid for words. Don't open the friggin' door when there is a suspected serial killer in the area. Don't open the kitchen cabinet door when there are scratching noises coming from inside and if there is a green glow emanating from the underside of the bedroom door...go the other freaking way! While these do make the movie more fun to watch, a thinking hero or heroine might make the real twists that much more believable.

I realize that some of the things I mentioned here will never change and that's okay. They have worked for this long, so why fix something if it is not broken? We live in a society with a much higher range of intelligence than 60 years ago when horror and sci-fi was just getting off the ground. It is time the writers stepped up to our level by incorporating a few more intelligent plot twists into these movies. A hero that keeps the gun in hand or one that actually checks to see if the killer is really dead on occasion might be nice and there is nothing wrong with some gratuitous nudity or a cheesy two headed alien either.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Online Gambling in the U.S.

Watched a great show last night on Fox Business Network with John Stossel. His guests included Andy Bloch, professional poker player and a few others including a bookie, a ultra conservative douchenozzle and an author. For those who haven't figured it out, I am a HUGE proponent of not only Internet gaming but of freedom of choice.

The conservative douchenozzle is of the opinion that if Americans were left to their own devices, we would all be looting and pillaging to make a deposit on an online gaming site. We would be beating our wives and girlfriends and triple mortgaging our homes. His ideas and those of his constituents can only make me believe that behind closed doors, these are the ones that are smoking and drinking and molesting small children or animals, depending on what's handy.

Thinking adults in this country and others, should be allowed to make their own choices. if I want to blow an entire paycheck playing poker online, I should be allowed to. No one is policing all the shopaholics on eBay that are running up credit cards to their max and going into bankruptcy. There aren't armed guards standing at the state run lottery machines at 7-Eleven insuring that only one ticket is purchased for each individual.

I can go to Vegas or Atlantic City at the drop of a hat and lose my life savings, should I choose. If I want to do this from the privacy of my own home, I should be allowed. The majority of degen gamblers out there will find a way to lose their money and should not be lumped in with the rest of the population.

People, for the most part are much smarter than that and make decisions based on what they can LOSE when they gamble, not what they can win. This is a form of entertainment for many people here in the states along with the rest of the world. All this aside, the idiots on the Hill are not looking at the lost revenue by not regulating and taxing this form of entertainment.

Billions of dollars a year...yes BILLIONS are being sent offshore rather than being kept where they belong. People will always find a way to spend their money if they wish to gamble. Why shouldn't the country benefit from this rather than being labeled as criminals because we like to play a little poker after a hard day's work?

Friday, May 7, 2010

UB/Absolute Does It Again


To all that play here...this is important.