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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Six...Coulda Been Better...Coulda Been Worse

LOL...started out rough. Bankroll at $7.25 and using really poor judgment in regards to bankroll management, I hop right into a $3.30 buy in PLO tournament. Doesn't take me long to get it all in on a King high flush draw and and open ended straight draw. I hit my card on the river for both my straight and my flush...problem was the guy who called me all in was drawing only to the Ace high flush...so we both hit, he just hit better..lol.

So I took my last little $3.95 in pennies and headed to the cash table. After 2 hours of doing my best impression of a Duncan, I finally walked away with a whopping $6.00 total in my bankroll. At least it's playing money for tomorrow.

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