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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Four...Friggin' Horrible..lol(Edit)

The title says it all...played a 3 hour cash session of 5 Card Draw. Bought in with $5.00 and was playin' fairly well...was up a buck or two at a few points, then hit a down hill run. Was dealt a King high flush and raised to the cap. One other player stayed in and drew 2 cards. Capped the second round and the cards flipped. He had held on to 3 Aces and drew out a pair of 6's to complete his full house.

So...needless to say,I went broke on that hand...lol. The bankroll is still in the positive at $11.65. I'll just have to hope tomorrow is a better day on the tables.

(Edit) Couldn't leave well enough alone so I went back, different table, same buy in amount. Had a very nice fish to my left that was horrible and I do mean HORRIBLE at bluffing. Made back my lost $5.00 from earlier, returning the bankroll to $16.65 and ending the day on a break even note.

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