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Friday, December 25, 2009

Why are Most Hard Liquors Named After Men?

A subject that has perplexed this creature for quite sometime is the purpose for this post. There are many different liquors on the market and almost all named after men. There is Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker just to name a few. Since the majority of liquor drinkers are men, why not alter the names a bit to more suit the consumer.

"Bitch Left Me" vodka: For the first few hours after being dumped.
"Boss is an Ass" bourbon: No real explanation needed, name says it all.
"Damn, She's Hot" whiskey: For those times a little courage is needed.
"Up Yours!" scotch: For when your underdog team knocks the hell out of the opposition and you're the only guy in the bar rooting for them.
"F Me" tequila: For gearing up before heading home.
"Kiss My Ass" cognac: For those times a little you feel like splurging.
"Blind Me" rum: This goes well for those days at the beach, when all the old men seem to have shopped at the same Speedo shop.

These are just a few ideas for truth in advertising. Any comments or suggestions will be more than welcome.

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