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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Alternative to Not Being Able to Smoke

There are many of us out there, lemurs and human alike, who smoke. For many of us, quitting may be an option but simply not a desire. It is to this group that I direct this blog. With more and more establishments refusing us the right to smoke due to the health of others, I have found a product that can alleviate this issue. I'm talking about Snus.

A Snus is a small pouch of tobacco that one places between the upper lip and gum to release a small amount of nicotine and various flavorings, depending on the type chosen. These Snus, unlike traditional dip/snuff do not require the need to spit making these much more user friendly in a public setting.

These are primarily made in Sweden and Denmark but are available in the U.S.. GetSnus.com has a very large variety of these in varying flavors, sizes and nicotine levels. Most should have no trouble finding one that works for them. Many of the Snus available on the website have individual testimony as to how a previous user liked or disliked that particular one.

The Wise Lemur's pick for the moment is Thunder brand Frosted. It's spearmint flavor and 14 grams of nicotine per pouch make it a perfect alternative to lighting up in a restaurant or standing outside in 20 degree weather just to have a cigarette. There are a few different sizes so very few people can even tell that they are being used.

Let's face it, many of us after 25 years or more of smoking simply are not going to stop tomorrow just because. These can be a way to either cut down on cigarette use or a stepping stone to quitting all together. Visit the website(link @ right) and take a look around, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The Wise Lemur is in no way being compensated by GetSnus.com for his opinion on this product. This is purely from personal use and my own observations. As with all tobacco products, there are health warnings and risks associated with use.

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  1. Yes Snus is a miracle for me in my life. I discovered it a couple of months ago in the form of Camel Snus. I was wanting to quit cigarettes, a twenty year addiction for me. I have tried all forms of nicorette patches, gum, etc... Plus support groups, hypnosis, accupuncture and god knows what else. As soon as I found Snus I knew I was done with cigarettes. I have since place orders online and found many Snuses that I love (Oden's, General, Swedish Match products) and I have come to terms with that I will probably use Snus the rest of my life but I am free of smoking tobacco that I had become so disgusted with both in the smells of it and my lack of control in quitting. Snus offers a new alternative to quitting smoking that may not be for every one. But it certainly was exactly what I needed.