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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Won the Canadian Lottery!

So yesterday, I received a letter with a check for $3750.25 and a instructions on what I needed to do to receive the rest of my $89,500.00 prize from the Canadian Lottery. There are a few things inherently wrong with me getting this in the mail. One, I don't live anywhere near friggin' Canada. Two, I'm not that lucky to start with and the odds of me winning any sum of money that big are that of the proverbial snowballs chance in Hades. So, I decide to do a little research by using the names and addresses supplied in the "prize notification" letter. The names themselves are fairly generic except for the name on the check. It belongs to a courier company based in NYC and thanks to Google, I find a telephone number and give them a call. The gentleman I spoke to was kind enough to inform me that their computers had been hacked in the past few weeks and I wasn't the only one to receive one of these checks. While scammers may be getting smarter, some are still just a dumb as a box of rocks. What makes these idiots think that for one second, I'm going to deposit a check from something I never entered in the first place then turn right around and ship them a chunk of it back for "taxes". For those that have fallen prey to these types of scams I have only one thing to say, "Please let your parents read your mail first before doing anything with one of these, keep your special helmet on and please...only lick warm windows".

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