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Friday, May 14, 2010

Online Gambling in the U.S.

Watched a great show last night on Fox Business Network with John Stossel. His guests included Andy Bloch, professional poker player and a few others including a bookie, a ultra conservative douchenozzle and an author. For those who haven't figured it out, I am a HUGE proponent of not only Internet gaming but of freedom of choice.

The conservative douchenozzle is of the opinion that if Americans were left to their own devices, we would all be looting and pillaging to make a deposit on an online gaming site. We would be beating our wives and girlfriends and triple mortgaging our homes. His ideas and those of his constituents can only make me believe that behind closed doors, these are the ones that are smoking and drinking and molesting small children or animals, depending on what's handy.

Thinking adults in this country and others, should be allowed to make their own choices. if I want to blow an entire paycheck playing poker online, I should be allowed to. No one is policing all the shopaholics on eBay that are running up credit cards to their max and going into bankruptcy. There aren't armed guards standing at the state run lottery machines at 7-Eleven insuring that only one ticket is purchased for each individual.

I can go to Vegas or Atlantic City at the drop of a hat and lose my life savings, should I choose. If I want to do this from the privacy of my own home, I should be allowed. The majority of degen gamblers out there will find a way to lose their money and should not be lumped in with the rest of the population.

People, for the most part are much smarter than that and make decisions based on what they can LOSE when they gamble, not what they can win. This is a form of entertainment for many people here in the states along with the rest of the world. All this aside, the idiots on the Hill are not looking at the lost revenue by not regulating and taxing this form of entertainment.

Billions of dollars a year...yes BILLIONS are being sent offshore rather than being kept where they belong. People will always find a way to spend their money if they wish to gamble. Why shouldn't the country benefit from this rather than being labeled as criminals because we like to play a little poker after a hard day's work?

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