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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Collaboration...of sorts

A friend of mine on another forum posted a set of song lyrics that he had written. As I read them I was moved but in a slightly different direction than he. With the kind permission of Robert Price II, I will post his original, unaltered version and then my take on the beautiful lyrics he has so kindly allowed me to have my way with:

The Original:

Go on and breath the fiction, living life to live a lie
So do you feel the friction as our energies collide
In the beauty of it all, where we lay therefore we stay
Lost inside of this fictitious lie that's consuming all of me

It's all been done before
Refuse to feel it anymore
Show me a path to take today
And I will open up the door

The gods answer all my questions
Before the questions become known
Now inside i see direction
The path is lit so I will go

It's all yours now there's no mistaking
None will be left for the taking
As I fade away with you
We will find a path, a new

It's all been done before
Refuse to feel this anymore
Show me a path to take today
And I will open up the door

This holy faith that you hold dear
Will only make you bend and kneel
As you search and seek for the truth
Look deep inside it's within you

My Take:

People live and breathe the fiction, every waking moment a lie
We revel in the friction, when our energies collide
There is a beauty in it all, a cosmic fireworks display
And when we come together, that is where we lay

It has all been done before, in one way, shape or form
The refusal to truly feel it, seems to be the norm
Show me a different path, that I may take today
This brand new possibility, may be my only way

My questions may be answered, before ever being asked
By gods on high or mortals, whichever may be tasked
Now inside I see directions, too many to comprehend
There is however a single light, glowing at one end

It is all you now, there will be no mistaking
Nothing worth anything, will be left for the taking
As I fade away, with you right by my side
A new path we can discover, a magic carpet ride

We seek the truth together, explorers in the light
A greater understanding needed, we feel it is our right
The world will look outside itself, to solve its mysteries
Our answer has been here all along, right in you and me.

I look forward to working closer with Robert on some other projects and as they are finished, provided they aren't sold for millions of dollars, they will be found here.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks again, come to think of it, it is actually one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.
    Eternally grateful,
    Rob Price

    p.s. I look forward to working with you again. Next time something grabs a hold of you that you just have to write about, drop me a line.